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Carolina X Hardcore

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4th November 2004

unseenbrian6:59am: THIS FRIDAY!

November 5th @ The Arena Sports Bar
93 Western Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546

Ringworm (Cleveland Hardcore)
Death Before Dishonor (Boston Hardcore)
Choose Your Weapon (Jacksonville, NC Hardcore)
Murder Crew (Fayetteville Hardcore)

Cost: $7
Time: 9:00 P.M.

This is RachelLikeWhoa!'s and my birthday show. I am turning 15 (November 11th is my actually birthday) and she is turning 18 on the 5th I believe.

This is going to be a huge show. Going to be some fun times. So come out and support the scene and have some fun.

29th October 2004

unseenbrian2:06am: November, 5 2004 at The Arena
93 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546
Cost: $7.00

Ring Worm (Cleveland Hardcore)
Death Before Dishonor (Boston Hardcore)
Choose Your Weapon (910 Hardcore)
Murder Crew (910 Hardcore)

This is RachelLikeWhoa!'s and my birthday show. I am turning 15 (November 11th is my actually birthday) and she is turning 18 on the 5th I believe.

This is going to be a huge show. Going to be some fun times. So come out and support the scene and have some fun.

23rd October 2004

unseenbrian9:14pm: SKARE TACTIC NEEDS A NC SHOW
Like the subject says, they need a show in NC around the 11th or 12th.

Get back to me if you can do it.


22nd October 2004

miss_meghan6:13pm: anybody go to bleeding through oct 16 at tremont? it was a great show
xtooxlegitx1:47pm: Friday, December 10th - Deathblow, Over And Out, Slam Dunk, Where It Ends, Man At Arms, Hope Prevails, and Timeout - Avondale Presbyterian Church - 2821 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209 - 6:30. $6.

15th October 2004

rachlikewhoa1:03pm: TONIGHT!!!
Fri. Oct. 15 in Columbia, SC
@ new brookland tavern

SLAM DUNK (cd release for new cd "die.")
Man At Arms (with old man Matt returning)
88mph (metalcore)
Hope Prevails (melodic hc shit)
Moving On (no real idea, but I think they're sxe)

5pm. (SHARP!)
7 bucks.

122 state st.
west columbia, sc

everyone, seriously be there tonight. if you're not...what the fuck?

<3, Rachel
Current Mood: excited

14th October 2004

sxelikewhoa8:50pm: November 5th
November 5th @ The Arena Sports Bar (venue is subject to change)

Death Before Dishonor
Choose Your Weapon
Murder Crew
and one more
Current Mood: amused

5th October 2004

rachlikewhoa9:29pm: SHOW POST!
This Saturday, Oct 9th, 2004
@ The Boone VFW
144 VFW Dr
Boone, NC 28607
6pm - $5

Ctrl Alt Del (Heavy as shit)
White Collar Massacre (post hardcore similar to at the drive in or the mars volta or refused)
Where It Ends (tough guy hardcore from SC)
Timeout (old school hardcore)


Dirctions: (coming from campus): go to the 105 extension / 321 intersection. Take a left onto 105 extension (between the bank and exxon). Take a right at the first stop light onto State Farm Rd. The VFW will be on your left on the hill (big green building).

(From HKY area): go 321 into boone. turn right at wendys intersection onto 105 extension. take right at first stop light onto state farm rd. VFW will be on your left.


if you need more info call Luke @ (828)234-5356/aim = glamrocker13 or hit me up on aim @ ScreamyScreamy

come out and support the music.

<3, Rachel
Current Mood: amused

3rd October 2004

funeral_lullaby12:53am: ground zero
can anyone tell me if ground zero in south carolina has a web page and what the web address is. or can anyone tell me what the places street adress is.

21st September 2004

mikeagainsther9:54am: SHOWS
Wednesday, September 29th @ The Arena Sports Bar in Jacksonville
Chooose Your Weapon (ex- Nourish the Flame, Shadow of Doubt)
Beyond Blood
and one more TBA
usually about $7


Friday, September 30th @ ECU in Greenville
Norma Jean
Martyr A.D.
Fear Before the March of Flames

20th September 2004

xxdavidxx4:30pm: Slamdunk CD Release
!!!this is going to be nuts!!!


SLAMDUNK( sc crazy hardcore)
88mph ( ga metal/hardcore )
mant at arms ( sc rock n roll hardcore)
hopeprevails ( sc melodic hardcore)
map says were fucked ( sc crazyness)


14th September 2004

xtooxlegitx8:40pm: September 16th, GODS, SOCIETYS FINEST
Thursday September 16, 2004 - 7:00 PM

@ground zero
spartanburg, sc

$6 all ages

GODS (ex-ZAO...http://www.cultofgods.com/ )
SOCIETYS FINEST (http://www.societysfinest.com/)
hope prevails (http://www.myspace.com/hopeprevails)
and more

for more info...

3rd September 2004

Thursday September 16, 2004 - 7:00 PM

@ground zero
spartanburg, sc

$6 all ages

GODS (ex-ZAO...http://www.cultofgods.com/ )
SOCIETYS FINEST (http://www.societysfinest.com/)
hope prevails (www.myspace.com/hopeprevails)
and more

for more info...

27th August 2004

xxdavidxx5:47pm: "...A place where the stange were excepted, judged by what's in side, a scene of truly open minds.."
*DISCLAIMER* This is not directed towards any one specific person in the Carolina scene, or the Carolina scene at all, just general observations on the state of hardcore today.

I don't remember how many of you remember the days when you'd go to a show in Charlotte(no matter how big or small) and everyone had an X on their hand. Everyone believed in something and a HUGE reason for that was the bands from the area and bands coming around here giving kids a reason for being at the show other than just dancing in the pit or gaining "scene points".

Now days it seems that if you don't listen to youth crew or bands that sound like they came out of the mid '80s you're not hardcore or if you're not beating the shit out of kids while listening to Terror or Throwdown you're not hardcore. Too many kids are too worried about how tough they are or the next person is or how old school they are or the next person is to really care about hardcore.

Maybe it's the fact that I was younger and more naive, but it seems like there was a day in NC where kids stopped worrying about what style of hardcore you listened to as long as you were into hardcore. I remember hearing Ten Yard Fight, Earth Crisis, Strife, and Prayer for Cleansing come up in the same conversations with mutual respect given to all the bands. No one pushed new labels, metalcore, fashioncore or what not on any of the bands as long as the bands gave you a bit more of a reason than to be seen at a show. It was a completely different(positive) energy than what seems to be around today.
People tend to be too quick to judge based on the bands and style of hardcore you listen to.

In saying this I'm looking for some kids who may see this the same way I do and want to start a band to try and bring back that energy.

26th August 2004

xxdavidxx12:00pm: -Spook City Records has signed two new bands: First off is FOLSOM from Las Vegas (www.folsomhlc.cjb.net) and next is LET IT DIE from Detroit (ex- Black Dahlia Murder)(www.letitdie.com). You can hear MP3s at either band's site or at www.spookcityusa.com

-The limited edition BLOOD FOR BLOOD "Serenity" 12" is out and still available from the Spook City website as well as through the bigger distros (Very, Rev, and Lumberjack). There is limited colors as well as a few hand screened versions floating around.

-Repercussion has finished recording and I have the masters in my hands. We are just waiting for Kem (www.kemdesign.net) to finish up the artwork. It will supposedly be done by this friday. If that is the case, the CD will go to press on Sept 1.

24th August 2004

seeyoubleed11:06am: SHIRTS FOR SALE!!!!
Shirts for sale:

Bury Your Dead, M, 5$
Good Clean Fun, XL, 7$
Calico System, M, 5$
Death By Stereo, M, 5$
Figure Four, M, 5$

I think that's it but I may have more. Please contribute to the Julie-is-poor-as-shit-and-needs-money-to-move fund.

23rd August 2004

xxdavidxx4:04pm: Shirts for Sell
Straightedge-Three skull and cross bones "'Till Death Do Us Part" $5 Medium
Terror- "Nothing but Enemies" $7 Medium
Most Precious Blood- "Love is Stronger than Death"(Front and Back) $5 Medium
XNever AgainX-MOSH $7 Medium
Blood and Ink Records $5 Medium

e-mail North_Carolina_sxe@hotmail.com or AIM RoburXunitas to talk about buying 'em.

21st August 2004

xxdavidxx11:38pm: "I can still see the reasons that I opened my eyes to the scene in the first place..."
Gotta say that that line definitely holds up for tonight. With these past few shows that have happened around the Charlotte area, I can definitely say I'm proud to be part of the NC hardcore scene. Having kids get on the cell phones, drive to hotels etc. to find a place for the bands to play and the kids to go was awesome to watch! And the entire show, smiles and laughs, just good times. That's what hardcore should be about and I think that after a very very VERY long hiatus(for the most part) we're finding that again in this area of the country. It was awesome seeing everyone again tonight and just hanging out. We definitely need to start getting shit up more often, BBQs, record swaps, basketball games etc. etc.

For everyone that I used to hang out with I miss you all and wanna get back up with all of you, for everyone I met tonight hit me up, lets get together!. Call my cell 704-301-6075

19th August 2004

xposi_px3:36pm: here's some shit i dont want. i dont have an ebay account so just comment or IM me @ xposipx to let me know if you want any of this shit. i'm not a bastard so yeah i wont overcharge anyone.

and yeah if you wanted to trade, i'd probably do that too if you had something i wanted.

Sworn Enemy - integrity defines strength LARGE BLACK with new york logo
Point of Recognition - Angels with machine guns logo MEDIUM BLACK
Terror - Life and Death Logo on front BLACK Medium
With Honor - Ct hardcore BROWN shirt LARGE

Hoodies Jackets:
Windbreaker - XXX Straight Edge Large-Medium BLACK
Windbreaker - Behind the Sun NAVY Behind the sun on the back with their logo on front Large-Medium
Hoodie - ZERO skate company Large BLACK

At Any Cost - power of the mind on black
backlash - second coming on black
Billingsgate - Reach Out Victory Recs on black
Def Choice - ST on blue
Dysphoria/Denile - split black
Everybody Gets Hurt/Cold Front - Split on black
Far From Breaking - identity ep on blue
Go Time - ST on black dead by 23 recs
Guidingline - the boyscout revival on black
HOLDxTRUE - Invincible EP on Clear Green
jud jud - xthe demosx on pink
Knockdown - ST Youngblood Recs on Black
Out Of Spite - descending on black
Product - Dedication on black
Schizma/Tears of Frustration - Split on black
Some Still Believe - ST on black martyr recs
Uprise - Silent No Longer youth crew ep on PINK

Punk 7"
Mxpx - punk rawk show on black
Porkers - big backyard on green
Vandals/Longfellow - split black
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Dogpile Black

17th August 2004

_brownkid1:38pm: Hey Carolina check out Prove it a straight edge vegan hardcore band

Prove It mp3s

More Mp3s

11th August 2004

Saturday, August 21st at Stateline Skatepark, Fort Mill, SC.

Kids Like Us
Another Way
xNever Againx

Show starts at five. $5-7.

Spread the word.


10th August 2004

hatexxxedge12:48am: Alright.. show:

Saturday, August 21, Stateline Skatepark, Fort Mill, SC.
- xNever Againx
- xTimeoutx
- Kids Like Us/Instilled are extending their tour by one day to play this show. They've yet to confirm, but I'll be talking with Lars tomorrow to work out the details. He's already told me that they want on so they've pretty much said yes.

Also, Rachel will be in contact with the DTN/Murder Weapon guys about getting them on the show, so hopefully that'll work out. There will also be a couple other local bands opening this show... it's sure to be amazing, so I hope to see a turnout similar to the one at the Cast Aside/Warriors show.

Get at me on AIM (str8Xh8) if you've got any questions, or you've got a band that wants on. Thanks in advance.


9th August 2004

xposi_px3:14pm: BANDS NEEDED
Show august 21st
@ Stateline Skatepark directions see www.statelineskatepark.com
cost: TBA, but it wont be too much.
time: 6:00 pm

xnever againx (http://www.hxcmp3.com/bands/479/)
xtimeoutx (http://www.hxcmp3.com/bands/11975/)
more TBA

Bobby: str8xh8
Patrick: xposipx

still awaiting confirmation from Murder Weapon.
xxdavidxx2:07am: What's the Point?
We've gone out of our ways to make these Carolina hardcore communities on LJ, and myspace because obviously we seem to care more than the average kid that goes to the Solid State, ETID, 18V shows at Tremont, but I look back and have to ask what the point is. All of us want to see better shows around NC and SC, all of us want to see more "true" kids coming out and more kids getting into the more old schoolish hardcore and jumping up to sing along, but we don't do anything about it. like 3 or 4 people post on any of these, very very sporadically, and even less ever dare bring any one new to shows to try and introduce them to hardcore because then (gasp) they'll be some new kids are shows and we all hate new kids at shows. But we all started somewhere right? So why not bring in new kids, let them know what it's about before they hear some fashion band on MTV and start coming around with the wrong ideas.

I guess my point is, if we're so concerned with loving hardcore and being so "true" to hardcore and what not how come we're still so cliquish to the point that we won't talk to certain people, hell even at the smallest shows there's still kids that won't even say hey to me(and me to them) because they're not one of my regular friends even though I know the person. I know it might sound sickishly posi to say, but is it so hard to at least be cordial to people at shows? is it so bad to go out of your way to meet people at shows that you didn't know before? and most importantly, is it so bad to introduce people to hardcore?

Sorry for the rant, just something I think needs to be said

We're all in this because it's our passion, so lets start to build it up instead of thinking it's only for us!
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