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for the kids website

3:00 - Chet Stedman (awesome rock from kernersville, MP3s )
3:30 - Boa Narrow (ex-walsham now awesome, on the recent released emo armageddon comp and from greensboro, MP3s )
4:00 - Bear and the Butterfly (majority rule-ish screamy hardcore from DC, MP3s )
4:30 - Control Alt Delete (botch/coalesce influence metal/hardcore from charlotte, MP3s )
5:00 - I Would Set Myself On Fire For You (hardcore with pretty viola playing/female singing parts from georgia, MP3s )
5:30 - Wow, Owls! (in the vein of stop it!! & light the fuse and run, MP3s )
6:00 - Reds (moss icon-ish punk-hardcore from new york, MP3s )
6:30 - The Holy Fucking Spirit (2 drummer rock from delaware with members of WTPY and TDYA, MP3s )
7:00 - 8:30 * Dinner break *
8:30 - Take Down Your Art (ex-a petal fallen emo rock from delaware, MP3s )
9:00 - Toru Okada (super-passionate screamo from austin texas, MP3s )
9:30 - Quell (technical metal from greensboro, nc. releasing a cd a few days before the fest, MP3s )
10:00 - The Setup (drop tuned hardcore from richmod virginia, MP3s )
10:30 - Welcome the Plague Year (ex-neil perry, joshua fit for battle, etc. totally ruthless, boss, and loud as shit, MP3s )
11:00 - Ampere (ex-orchid, super cathartic from massachusetts, MP3s )
11:30 - Funeral Diner (ex-portaits of the past, from san francisco california, you probably wont have too many more chances to see this band, MP3s )

questions? concerns?
screen names: (jose) thejoseestrada or (joe) OH CAPTAIN OH

dodgeball! 4-square! games! fun! after party! good times!! yeah!!!

cross posted like crazy
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