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Carolina X Hardcore

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22nd July 2006

art_war2:14pm: drummer seeks band
hi! i'm a drummer looking for a band, or just people to jam with. i live in charlotte. i listen to hardcore, metal, grind, punk, etc. i have a place to practice. hit me up if your a guitarist, bassist or singer. i am very serious about starting some kind of project. thank you.

18th May 2006

shesaskingforit12:15am: Of Life and Death
New hardcore band that you guys should check out - OF LIFE AND DEATH. They're out of the Greensboro area, but are working to play all over North Carolina.
Have a listen, and if you enjoy it...add the LJ. I'll have updates frequently with pictures and links to music, videos and more.
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16th January 2006

hatexxxedge12:54am: I'm moving to Phoenix in six weeks. Because I can no longer afford to make the payments on it, and because it's too big to make the move with me, I'm putting my guitar amp up for sale.

It's a Peavey 5150 II. 120w head, 4X12 slanted cab. Made to Eddie Van Halen's personal specs. Amp is no longer being made. This thing is in great condition, and with the exception of some local shows and practices, it has never been played outside of my home. Brand new this amp went for $1800+. I still owe a good amount of money on it, so I'm going to be looking to get as much out of it as possible. If you're interested, please contact me via AIM (str8Xh8) or reply to this post with any questions you might have. Please, serious people only.. it really annoys me when people waste my time. Thanks in advance.



1st January 2006

hatexxxedge7:06pm: January 5, 2006
Shogun Hideout
7601 Old Statesville Rd., Charlotte, NC 28215,US
Doors @ 7 Show @ 7:30

Thieves and Assassins
The Tradition
And Down Goes Frazier
Another Day
Since Remembered
Take a Hike

No drinking, and no fighting. Charlotte seems to have a problem with awesome venues getting fucked up because of underage drinking, and bullshit fights.. let's see if we can keep both out of this place, and have an awesome venue to keep doing shows at! I know it's on a Thursday night, buuuuut, it's gonna be an amazing show, and it's right before you go back to school.. so why not have this awesome fuckin' show under your belt before you head back!


22nd December 2005

ohbbg10:55pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

21st November 2005

addictx1:25pm: Lately I've been getting into hardcore and haven't found anything new thats too exciting, but this band "I Am Ghost"... whoa, amazing. They are really unique, I can't even describe them. I really recommend checking out one of their songs here! Also! When did Epitaph get the new site layout? Its insane!!! Are there any bands similar to these guys that you recommend?

2nd November 2005

hatexxxedge1:59pm: Thursday, Jan. 5, 2006

The Shogun Hideout
7601 Old Statesville Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28215

Thieves and Assassins
The Tradition
24 Hours to Live
Another Day
Since Remembered

Doors at 7, show at 7:30. $5. No fighting allowed.. if you start a fight, you're gone.

Repost this shit! Tell everyone you know about it!! Skip school or call into work on Friday, and start your weekend early! Bring all your friends, because this'll be the best hardcore show in NC for a long time to come! BE THERE OR GO TO HELL!!
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9th August 2005

xxdavidxx11:19pm: Edge kids
XcarolinaXstraightedgeX is a new myspace group, if you're on there join it
zerogurl10:58pm: lots of sxe hardcore metal

lots of sxe hardcore metal

size ym-adult l

3rd August 2005

mortigixtempo11:14pm: drummer needed
me and my two friends have written some really good songs that sound sortof like beloved/hopesfall, but we need a drummer. so far we have a 2 guitar and bass lineup. we need a drummer between the ages of 15 and 18 that lives in charlotte and is pretty experianced and has music tastes in music such as underoath, norma jean, beloved, hopesfall, and as i lay dying. so if you are interested or know someone that might be...please help me out here. thanks.
<3 xan

21st July 2005

rachlikewhoa10:50am: NC, SC, VA, TN, KY, GA, No. FLA KIDS CHECK ITTTTTT!
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
@ The Battleground
1691 Great Falls Hwy
Lancaster, SC 29720
6:00 PM - $6.00 - All Ages!!!!

Kids Like Us (Eulogy Recordings - New CD Out Soon)
Guns Up (1917 Records)
Anchors Away (Members of Casey Jones - FL)
Where It Ends (South Carolina SxE)
Give Or Take (The Band You Love To Hate)
Brainfreeze (Fast Negative Hardcore - Augusta, GA)
The Rescue (Spirit-Filled Hardcore - Raleigh, NC)

if you can,
come out & support!

it's going to be a killer time with some wicked bands!

Current Mood: cheerful

7th June 2005

killingyourface4:06pm: June 8th show still a go, in Greensboro!!
EDIT: The show that was originally supposed to be at the Milestone has been MOVED to a house show in Greensboro, NC thanks to the wonderful last minute scheming of Chet Stedman. Here is the updated info:

Wednesday, June 8th @
902 W. Market St.
Greensboro, NC 27401
8pm - donations accepted (and highly encouraged)

Chet Stedman (progressive, sometimes spastic hardcore punk)
The Campaign 1984 (dirty south rock and roll meets melodic hardcore punk)
The Black Acadia Mourning (death metal influenced technical metal)
The Demonstration (progressive, jazz influenced technical metal)
Possibly one more!


7th April 2005

broseph_highman5:16pm: forthekidsfest

for the kids website

3:00 - Chet Stedman (awesome rock from kernersville, MP3s )
3:30 - Boa Narrow (ex-walsham now awesome, on the recent released emo armageddon comp and from greensboro, MP3s )
4:00 - Bear and the Butterfly (majority rule-ish screamy hardcore from DC, MP3s )
4:30 - Control Alt Delete (botch/coalesce influence metal/hardcore from charlotte, MP3s )
5:00 - I Would Set Myself On Fire For You (hardcore with pretty viola playing/female singing parts from georgia, MP3s )
5:30 - Wow, Owls! (in the vein of stop it!! & light the fuse and run, MP3s )
6:00 - Reds (moss icon-ish punk-hardcore from new york, MP3s )
6:30 - The Holy Fucking Spirit (2 drummer rock from delaware with members of WTPY and TDYA, MP3s )
7:00 - 8:30 * Dinner break *
8:30 - Take Down Your Art (ex-a petal fallen emo rock from delaware, MP3s )
9:00 - Toru Okada (super-passionate screamo from austin texas, MP3s )
9:30 - Quell (technical metal from greensboro, nc. releasing a cd a few days before the fest, MP3s )
10:00 - The Setup (drop tuned hardcore from richmod virginia, MP3s )
10:30 - Welcome the Plague Year (ex-neil perry, joshua fit for battle, etc. totally ruthless, boss, and loud as shit, MP3s )
11:00 - Ampere (ex-orchid, super cathartic from massachusetts, MP3s )
11:30 - Funeral Diner (ex-portaits of the past, from san francisco california, you probably wont have too many more chances to see this band, MP3s )

questions? concerns?
email: forthekidsbooking@yahoo.com
screen names: (jose) thejoseestrada or (joe) OH CAPTAIN OH

dodgeball! 4-square! games! fun! after party! good times!! yeah!!!

cross posted like crazy

20th February 2005

oppositeofme4:55pm: tour help.
my names Chad and im with a band called Ares Letum(Michigan Metal/Hardcore).
were starting our EastCoast tour this summer and are missing our dates in North and South Carolina,if anyone can help us out it would be killer of you.were starting out in New York and heading down to Flordia with our good friends One Day Remains.Weve shared the stage with such national acts as Dead to fall,Bodies in the gears of the apparatus,Embrace Today,Blood in Blood out,Let It Die,Anterrabae,Fire when ready,Ion Diss.,and many others..
the dates we need are aug.7th(NC) and 8th(SC)
we run shows in Detroit,Saginaw,Flint,and all around Michigan so we can help anyone out with bands coming to Michigan as well.
you can check us out here,tell us what you think.
myspace of course
thanks for you time
-Chad and Ares Letum

9th February 2005

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